1. Once you have finished watching a webinar, you will eligible to complete your feedback survey in a "course" that you will have automatically been enrolled in when you purchased your webinar ticket. 

  2. When you receive the link to the course via email, normally you will have two "lessons" that are available to you (example in the screenshot below). In order to be eligible for the certificate of attendance, you will have to mark both of these lessons as "complete". The first "lesson" will be to watch the recording, which if you have already seen live you can mark as complete and continue to the survey. 

    If you are watching the webinar on demand, the webinar replay will be included here for you to watch at your own pace.

  3. The second "lesson" that you will need to complete is the feedback survey. Once you have filled out your feedback and marked this lesson as complete, the platform will automatically generate your certificate of attendance including the CPD points where applicable. 
  4. To view your certificate, please visit the "My Account" area of the site where you will find the tab "My Certificates" on the LHS navigation bar, and your completed certificates will be recorded here (see screenshot below).